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Mafia Game & Creator source

Start Crime Mafia Creator source?

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Start Crime Mafia Creator source
Description website: Everyone can create their own crime game on this website. When players buy credits to have a stronger position in the game, the webmasters also get credits to buy extensions or layouts for their game or to have these credits paid out. We bought this source a long time ago. However, this was not so extensive and the layouts were not that nice. I replaced all layouts for a few very nice layouts, then removed the bugs that I could find and added an additional number of xx to the system. You as a website owner can earn from this script when 1. Buy credits 2. Buying webmasters layouts or extensions. The compensation you paid is also for our work!
Mafia Rpg Script?


Mafia Rpg script .............

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Legion RPG?
Legion Saga is the first game in a series of 5 games by Kamau, an amatuer game creator. His website gives an official synopsis: Join Durane in his battle to liberate the neighbouring territories of Meluvet and Garalas and search for the truth about his identity.


The neighbouring nations of Meluvet and Garalas, once united as the grand Evancourt, are falling into dispute and the king of Meluvet, the once-loved King Agaman, is pressing his troops further and further into Garalasian territory in order to gain control of the land that belonged to his ancestors. The story begins with a battle initiated by Meluvet on the border village of Seimu, a strategic point and vital to the Meluvetian army if it wishes to succeed in domination of Garalas. King Agaman's son, Durane, has been sent to lead the attack with his companion Eva. The battle is a success and the soldiers return home. However, Durane is soon imprisoned for crimes he did not commit... or did he...?

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Contact form script Contact form script When sending a form via a website you can use a php script. This script collects the entered data and sends them neatly via the server to the receiver. Everything is processed on the server so that the user or visitor is no longer dependent on an email client installed on the computer (eg outlook). Via the download link on the right you can download sample files from a simple form. It concerns an html file with a number of form elements, a css file for the design of the form and a php file for processing and sending.


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